Goji Fruit Juice

100% Goodness in Every Bottle, Every Time

With FreeLife’s proprietary Seven-Step Quality Manufacturing Process, nothing is ever left to chance. You can be sure that HIMALAYAN GOJI JUICE is safe and thoroughly tested for potency, purity and authenticity every time.

Seven-Step Quality Manufacturing Process

1. Selection Criteria
Vine-ripened, Himalayan-quality berries are carefully harvested and sorted according to FreeLife’s strict selection criteria, including Spectral Signature analysis.

2. Purification & Inspection
Berries are gently washed at a licensed, government-inspected juicing facilitiy.

3. Juicing Process
Berries are juiced to a puree by cold pressing through a micro-fine screen to remove seeds and stems.

4. Analysis & Testing
Goji puree is subjected to complete nutrient and microbiological analysis, and tested for absence of pesticide residues.

5. Proprietary Chill-Blending
The puree is combined with natural ingredients utilizing FreeLife’s exclusive recipe and proprietary blending methods to preserve the balance and content of the active polysaccharides.

6. Cold-Fill Process
HIMALAYAN GOJI JUICE is cold-filled into costly, plasticizer-free, pharmaceutical-grade bottles. This provides superior protection as compared to glass with no possibility of ‘leaching.’

7. Final Testing
Finished HIMALAYAN GOJI JUICE is subjected to an exhaustive battery of tests, including polysaccharide analysis, full microbiological testing, and a final Spectral Signature test.

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